Swedenborg Symposium Keynote Address

by Dr. Inge Jonsson

Type of Event: Address

Date Recorded: February 07, 1988

Location: Bryn Athyn Heilman Hall

Groups: Swedenborg Symposium 1988

Academic Symposium on the 300th Anniversary of Swedenborg's Birth. Theme: Swedenborg and His Influence. Welcome: Dr. Jane K. Williams-Hogan. Introduction: President Geoffrey S. Childs. Speaker: Inge Jonsson-Keynote Address.
Inge Jonsson is Vice President and President-elect of the University of Stockholm, a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Academy of Letters, and is presently active also as Secretary-General of the Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences. He received his doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of Stockholm in 1961. Among his publications are "Swedenborg's Korrespondenslara" in the Series "Acta universitatis Stockhomiensis," 1969 and "Emanuel Swedenborg," Twayne Press, 1971. More recently Dr. Jonsson co-authored the book "Swedenborg", Proprius Press, 1976, with Rev. Olle Hjern. (To see all 24 talks from this event, select "Swedenborg Symposium" from the Group search on the home page.)


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