The Learner

by Rev. Andrew J. Heilman; Nancy Woodard

Type of Event: Presentation

Date Recorded: August 10, 1988

Location: Glenview, IL

Groups: Educational Council Meetings / Talks

Theme of Meetings: The Learner. Speakers: Nancy Woodard-Working Toward a Distinctive Curriculum. Rev. Andrew Heilman-Enlightenment Leading to and Resulting from Such a Curriculum.
1. Nancy Woodard: Four general areas will be considered: How the New Church has viewed curriculum over the years. How some American educators see the state of curriculum/course content today. Toward a language arts/English curriculum. Toward a history/geography curriculum.
2. Rev. Andrew Heilman: According to AC 6454, the obscurity of the natural mind can be clarified in two ways. One way appears to relate to the forming of a distinctive curriculum, and the other to the learning process with it. Principles based on these two ways of enlightenment will be presented. Then application will be made to setting up a science curriculum. Secondary school physics will be used as an example.


# Title Length
1 Working Toward a Distinctive Curriculum-Nancy Woodard 15m 09s download
2 Enlightenment Leading to and Resulting from Such a Curriculum-Rev. A.J. Heilman 13m 12s download
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