There's Never Been a Better Time

by Rt. Rev. Peter M. Buss, Sr.; Rev. George D. McCurdy; Burt Friesen; Multiple Speakers; Erik Odhner; Cynthia Walker

Type of Event: Charter Day Banquet Address

Date Recorded: October 13, 1984

Location: Bryn Athyn Society Building

Topics: Academy

Groups: Charter Day

Theme: There's Never Been a Better Time. Toastmaster: Burton Friesen. Speakers: Rev. Peter M. Buss, Sr. - Our New Library. B. Erik Odhner -Teaching the Middle Ages. Cynthia Walker - The Academy: A Tapestry Begun. Rev. George McCurdy - Chaplain on Call.


# Title Length
1 Pt 1 -Burt Friesen, Rev. P.M. Buss, Sr., B. Erik Odhner 37m 23s download
2 Pt 2 -Cynthia Walker, Rev. George McCurdy 34m 56s download
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