Who is My God-The Lord Our Regenerator, Class 4

by Rev. Christopher D. Bown

Type of Event: Doctrinal Class

Date Recorded: August 23, 1997

Location: Deer Park, PA

Groups: Sunrise Camps

Theme of Camp: Who is My God-The Lord as Savior, Redeemer, Reformer and Regenerator. Subject: How can God give us a new heart? Note: Worship service precedes class.
A 4-part series
Class 1 - Don Rose
Class 2 - Jeremy Simons
Class 3 - Thomas Kline
Class 4 - Chris Bown


# Title Length
1 Class 4 of 4 58m 44s download
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Lessons and text

Lessons: John 1 & 14:portions, AC 318

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