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Fifteen Selections of Liturgy Hymns and Anthems

by Music

Type of Event: Organ & Choir

Date Recorded: July 30, 1979

Location: Bryn Athyn Benade Hall

Groups: Music

Master: CD Good Quality - Nicely Done! BA Choir Conductor, Kenneth O. Stroh Recorded for WMWA with rivox and Velocity microphones on July 30 & 31, 1979, using the 1966 Liturgy, includes: 1-JESUS WITH THY CHURCH ABIDE, 2-O WORD OF GOD INCARNATE, 3-HOLY HOLY HOLY, 4-THOU WILT SHOW ME THE PATH, 5-PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM, 6-WHAT SHALL I RENDER TO THE LORD, 7-PRAISE THE LORD THE KING OF HEAVEN, 8-TEACH US O GOD, 9-LAMP OF OUR FEET, 10-LORD THY WORD ABIDETH, 11-THINE ARM, O LORD IN DAYS OF OLD, 12-O RENDER THANKS TO GOD ABOVE, 13-IF THOU BUT ASK THE LORD TO GUIDE THEE, 14-HARK THE SONG OF JUBILEE, 15-LORD LET MY PRAYER BE SET BEFORE THEE (See contents with page#'s in cassette box) Note: Good Quality-nicely done

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