General Church Governance Study Program - Part 6: Women's Roles in the Church

by Rt. Rev. David H. Lindrooth; Peter Rhodes; Gail W. Steiner; Dr. Sonia S. Werner; Alaine York

Type of Event: Presentation

Date Recorded: April 27, 2000

Location: Bryn Athyn Heilman Hall

Topics: Marriage / Conjugial Love, Charity / Life of Use / Service, Relationships

Groups: General Church Governance Study Programs

Dr. Soni Werner-Moderator
Rev. David Lindrooth, Peter Rhodes, Jennifer (Jenn) Kuhl, Gail Steiner, Alaine York Speakers from the floor: Natri Carswell Pierce, Sarah Headsten, Katie Goerwitz, Morna Hyatt, Lisa Hyatt Cooper, Rev. Kurt Nemitz, Mandy Rogers-Petro, Anna Tennis, Berith Hogan, Nancy Schnarr, Roslyn Taylor Hyatt, Linda Simonetti Odhner, Kristin King, Frank Mitchell, Claudia Gladish (Ruth Cranch Wyland), Michelle Morey Synnestvedt, Shirley Schoenberger, Emily Jane Lemole, Suzanne Bernhardt, Kaye Lermitte, Dr. Jane Williams Hogan, Rev. Ottar Larsen


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