New Church Life-June 2000, Vol. CXX, No.6 , Tape 1

by Rev. Dr Reuben Bell; Rev. Ottar T. Larsen; Rev. Frank S. Rose; Edward Cranch; New Church Life; Rev. Tatsuya Nagashima; Wilson Van Dusen; Rt. Rev. Bradley D. Heinrichs

Type of Event: Audio Magazine

Date Recorded: June 01, 2000

Location: Bryn Athyn, PA

Groups: New Church Life Audio Magazine

Tape 1 of 2, June 2000, Vol. CXX, No. 6, as read by Edward Cranch. In this issue: UNITY IN WORSHIP-A sermon on Genesis 11:1 by Bradley D. Heinrichs, PRINCIPLES OF WORSHIP by Reuben P. Bell, THE LORD IN THE LORD'S PRAYER by Robert S. Junge, AIDS FOR THE STUDY OF THE WRITINGS by Wilson Van Dusen, THE ENIGMATIC "AS IF" by Tatsuya Nagashima, REFLECTIONS ON THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE, PART 16 by Frank S. Rose, WHAT MEN CANNOT DO (From a Governance Study Meeting) by Ottar Larsen-portion...continued on Tape 2. (see contents in cassette box)


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2 Part 1B 44m 06s download
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