Operations and Functions of the General Church / Uses of the District

by Rev. Harold C. Cranch; Leonard E Gyllenhaal; Rt. Rev. Willard D. Pendleton

Type of Event: Address

Date Recorded: March 05, 1966

Location: Glendale, CA

Groups: District Assemblies / National Assemblies

Address to the First Session of the 4th Western District. 1-Lesson & Introduction: WD Pendleton 2:09, Welcome: HC Cranch 2:12, 3-Address: FUNCTIONS OF THE GENERAL CHURCH: WD Pendleton 15:21, 4-Address: OPERATIONS OF THE GENERAL CHURCH, LE Gyllenhaal 24:45, 5-Questions & Answers: WDP & LEG 28:54, 6-Address: USES OF THE DISTRICT, HC Cranch 6:17. (79:41 mins. total)


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