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Christmas Tableaux Music (Order of Service)

by Music

Type of Event: Music: Readings & Vocals

Date Recorded: December 15, 2004

Location: Mitchellville, MD

Groups: Music

Master: CD, 12 Tracks, 41:44 mins. total First staged at the Washington New Church in Mitchellville, MD, December 2004. Includes music composed by and played by Tom Bramel on a synthesizer, readings by the Rev. James C. Cooper and singing by Carole Waelchli. Copyright-Thomas Bramel, used with his permission for copy distribution Tk 1-Prelude: Variations on Zacharias and Joseph 8:38, Tk 2-Luke 1:5-10, Zacharias the Priest 1:42, Tk 3-Luke 1:11-17, An Angel Appears to Zacharias 3:47, Tk 4-Luke 1:18-20, Zacharias Does Not Believe 1:33, Tk 5-Luke 1:21-25, Zacharias is Speechless 1:18, Tk 6-Luke 1:26-28, The Angel and Mary 6:30, Tk 7-Matthew 1:18-25, The Angel and Joseph 3:48, Tk 8-Luke 2:8-14, The Angel and the Shepherds 4:00, Tk 9-Luke 2:15-20, Shepherds Worship the Infant 1:49, Tk 10-AE 422:20, The Star Appears to the Wise Men 1:45, Tk 11-Matthew 2:9-12, The Wise Men Present Their Gifts 2:39, Tk 12-Postlude (Gabriel, The Manger, The Shepherds) 3:10 Processed & Edited by Cedric F. Lee

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