Plenary 2- New Church Education: You Can Take It With You

by Rt. Rev. Peter M. Buss, Sr.; Rev. Philip B. Schnarr; Dr. Dan A. Synnestvedt; Multiple Speakers; Nathaniel Brock; Dr. Janet Krettek

Type of Event: Presentation

Date Recorded: June 06, 2005

Location: Bryn Athyn Field House

Groups: General Assemblies, General Assembly 2005

2 CDs. Through the opening of the spiritual mind, New Church education aims for the highest possible achievement of human happiness. A global concept for New Church education is emerging.
Disc One Description:
1-Opening Remarks, P Schnarr 15:35
2-Home Schooling, J Krettek 14:52
3-Spiritual Life at Home, N Brock 13:33
4-Girls School, Susan Odhner 14:25
5-Bryn Athyn College, D Synnestvedt 20:56
Disc Two Description:
1-Musical Portion, Sons of Art 13:55
2-Worship: Teaching Children About Eternity, PM Buss 14:46


# Title Length
1 Philip B. Schnarr 15m 31s download
2 Dr Janet Krettek 14m 48s download
3 Nathaniel Brock 13m 29s download
4 Susan Odhner 14m 21s download
5 Dan A Synnestvedt 20m 51s download
6 Sons of Art 13m 52s download
7 Worship 14m 42s download
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Lessons and text

Lessons for Worship portion: Matthew 6:19-21, 7:13,14, John 14:1-4, AC 6201

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