New Church Life - May 2006

by Rev. Kenneth J. Alden; Rev. Prescott A. Rogers; New Church Life; Dr. Dan A. Synnestvedt

Type of Event: Audio Magazine

Date Recorded: May 01, 2006

Location: Bryn Athyn, PA

Topics: Science and Religion

Groups: New Church Life Audio Magazine

CD Tracks:
1-Contents & Notes 3:24
2-A Light Burden: KJ Alden 17:40
3-Perception & Dictation: PA Rogers 27:38
4-Editorial Pages: KHo Asplundh 5:58
5-Review of GR Schnarr's Book, "You Can Believe! An Introduction to the New Christianity": D Synnestvedt
6-Communications: Faith & Science: Luke Cole 5:24
7-Communications continued: Benefits of Giving: T Brecht 4:49
8-Announcements 3:25


# Title Length
1 Content & Notes 03m 24s
2 A Light Burden 17m 36s
3 Perception & Dictation 27m 31s
4 Editorials 05m 56s
5 Review of GR Schnarr's Book 10m 52s
6 Faith & Science 05m 23s
7 Benefits of Giving 04m 48s
8 Announcements 03m 24s
9 whole issue 01h 19m 13s download
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