New Church Life - June 2007

by Rev. Goran R. Appelgren; Rev. Daniel W. Heinrichs; Rev. Grant H. Odhner; Rev. Erik Sr. Sandstrom; Edward Cranch; New Church Life

Type of Event: Audio Magazine

Date Recorded: June 01, 2007

Location: Bryn Athyn, PA

Groups: New Church Life Audio Magazine

Disc 1:
1-Content & Notes 3:48
2-The Lord God Jesus Christ Reigns (A New Church Day Sermon) by Daniel W. Heinrichs 10:42
3-The Three Great Festivals of the Church (Christmas, Easter & June Nineteenth) by Erik Sandstrom, Sr. 29:41
Disc 2:
1-Responding to the Lord's Word, Part 2-concluded (Approaching written revelation to be led to the Lord) by Grant H. Odhner 29:45
2-Editorial: A Celebration of Spiritual Freedom 6:13
3-Church News: The Ukraine and Georgia by Goran Appelgren 3:49
4-Church News: A New Location for the Boston Society 2:59


# Title Length
1 Contents and Notes 03m 48s download
2 The Lord God Jesus Christ Reigns 10m 40s download
3 Three Great Festivals of the Church 29m 33s download
4 Responding to the Lord's Word 29m 37s download
5 Celebration of Spiritual Freedom 06m 12s download
6 The Ukraine and Georgia 03m 48s download
7 New Location for the Boston Society 02m 59s download
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