The Proper Role of Woman in the Church

by Rt. Rev. Willard D. Pendleton; Rev. Lorentz R. Soneson; Dr. Sonia S. Werner; Tryn Grubb Clark; Harald M. Sandstrom; Muriel Rose Genzlinger

Type of Event: Program

Date Recorded: June 10, 1972

Location: Northeast District

Groups: District Assemblies / National Assemblies

First Northeastern District Assembly Banquet Program at the New Rochelle Beach Club, NY
CD Tracks:
1-Harold Sandstrom, Toastmaster 14:46
2-Trinket Grubb Clark read by Dolores Burnham Soderberg 9:51
3-Joyce Barger 11:21
4-Sonia Soneson 13:35
5-Muriel Rose Genzlinger 8:56
6-Rt. Rev. Willard D Pendleton 10:15
7-Larry R Soneson 10:23
(Note: Mp3 does not include songs, applause, or letters of greeting from those who couldn't attend)


# Title Length
1 The Proper Role of Woman in the Church 01h 08m 54s download
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