New Church Life - February 2008

by Rev. Robert H. Cole; Edward Cranch; New Church Life; Multiple Speakers; Martie Johnson

Type of Event: Audio Magazine

Date Recorded: February 01, 2008

Location: Bryn Athyn, PA

Groups: New Church Life Audio Magazine

2 CD Set:
Disc 1:
1-Contents and Notes 4:24
2-Arise and Measure: A Personal Rule, a Sermon by Fred E. Elphick 18:28
3-Happy Epiphany by Martie Johnson, Jr. 15:37
Disk 2:
1-Memorial: Kenneth Stroh Memorial Service by G. H. Odhner 12:47
2-Memorial: Erik Sandstrom Sr. Resurrection Address by C. R. J. Smith 15:36
3-Editorial- The History of the Word on Earth: The New Testament 17:00
4-Church News: First Official Meeting of the New Church in India 4:39
5-Church News: They Were New Church: Robert H. P. Cole 6:01


# Title Length
1 Contents and Notes 04m 24s download
2 Arise and Measure: A Personal Rule 18m 29s download
3 Happy Epiphany 15m 37s download
4 Kenneth Stroh memorial address 12m 48s download
5 Erik Sandstrom Sr. memorial 15m 36s download
6 History of the Word: New Testament 17m 01s download
7 First Official NC Meeting in India 04m 39s download
8 They Were New Church 06m 02s download
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