Hope Restored

by Rev. Todd J. Beiswenger

Type of Event: Worship Service: Children & Adult

Date Recorded: September 18, 2011

Location: Ivyland New Church, PA

Topics: Regeneration / Spiritual Growth, Hope / Positive Living, Forgiveness / Repentance

No matter what you have said, thought or done, God never gives up on you. (Jeremiah 46-52; AE 518.38; Prophets & Psalms 112-118)

Towards the north, by the bank of the river Euphrates, have they stumbled and fallen. Who is this that cometh up like a stream, whose waters are tossed like the streams? Egypt cometh up like a stream, and his waters are tossed like streams; for he saith, I will come up, I will cover the earth, I will destroy the city and those that dwell in it (Jer. 46:6-8).
This signifies the destruction of the church and of its truths by false reasonings from confirming knowledges [scientifica]; the "north" signifies those in whom and from whom there is falsity, the "river Euphrates" false reasonings, "Egypt" confirming knowledges, the "waters that are tossed" falsities themselves, and "to come up, to cover the earth, to destroy the city and those that dwell in it," signifies the destruction of the church and of its doctrine, the "earth" meaning the church, the "city" doctrine of truth, and "those that dwell in it" its goods. Like things are signified by the Nile, "the river of Egypt," and by the Euphrates, "the river of Assyria," elsewhere in the Word (as in Isa. 7:18, 19; 11:15, 16; Ezek. 29:3-5, 10; 31:15; 32:2; Ps. 74:14, 15; 78:44; Exod. (Ps. 1377:17-21); also by "the rivers of Babylon":1). As all spiritual temptations come through falsities that break into the thoughts and infest the interior mind, thus through reasonings from falsities, so temptations are signified by the inundations of waters and by the erruptions of rivers and torrents. (AE 518.38)


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