Why am I a New Churchman?

by Rt. Rev. George de Charms; David J Roscoe; Multiple Speakers; Hyland Sr. Johns

Type of Event: Program

Date Recorded: June 19, 1964

Location: Bryn Athyn Field House

Topics: New Church Day

Toastmaster: Ormond Odhner. Speakers: Hyland Johns, Sr. (one who brought his whole family into the New Church with him), Elizabeth Sandstrom (one recently confirmed in the faith of the New Church), David Roscoe (one not yet baptized into the New Church), John J. Boericke II (one brought up in another body of the New Church), Henry R. Dunlap (one who came into the New Church "because of all the lovely New Church people"), George de Charms (one whose father and grandfather were New Church ministers).


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Lessons and text

TCR 4, TCR 108, TCR 791 referenced in the banquet program.

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