Hope in the Lord's Mercy

by Rt. Rev. Bradley D. Heinrichs

Type of Event: Worship Service: Family (may include music)

Date Recorded: April 24, 2022

Location: Bryn Athyn Cathedral

Having just celebrated Palm Sunday and Easter, it is often a time when people experience a renewed sense of hope. It is important that we keep hope alive because it is essential to the human condition. Sometimes we can feel sad, scared, and overwhelmed, and we might begin to feel that things are hopeless. However, we need to remember to trust in the sure promised of the Lord! He can help us if we will only turn to Him, pray for His mercy, and then do the things that He asks of us.


# Title Length
1 family service - talk only 18m 55s download
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Lessons and text

Lessons: Psalm 33:13-22, Jeremiah 29:10-11, Zechariah 9:9-16, Mark 8:31-35,
John 14:1-3, Arcana Coelestia (AC) 2338

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