Fishing on the Right Side of the Boat

by Rev. Erik J. Buss

Type of Event: Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon

Date Recorded: July 03, 2022

Location: Westville, RSA

The Gospel of John tells a story of the disciples struggling all night fishing and catching nothing. In the morning the Lord appeared and told them to cast the night on the right side of the boat; the result is an incredible intake of fish. Fishing off the one side represents coming from a a purely intellectual viewpoint; switching to the other side represents switching to a more loving viewpoint. When we get stuck in our heads, life just doesn't work as well. Even if we know all the "right" things to say and do, pure knowledge only gets us so far. When we find ourselves struggling like this, the Lord urges us to shift gears and draw not only on the head but also the heart. It is when we come from love that life begins to work in new and amazing ways.

Our service this Sunday will be led by Warwick Schuurman. Many thanks to Warwick!


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