Got Momentum?

by Rev. Derek P. Elphick

Type of Event: Worship Service: Sermon only

Date Recorded: July 17, 2022

Location: Bryn Athyn Cathedral

When we have momentum in our lives, things go well, when we lose momentum, we get frustrated and lost. In the account of the Red Sea Crossing (Exodus 14) we learn how the Lord "troubled" the Egyptian army causing the wheels of their war chariots to fall off. We will consider how the Lord "fights" for us (v 25) by cutting off our negative momentum and replacing it with true, lasting momentum, the kind that carries us forward to happier, peaceful states.


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Lessons and text

Lessons: Exodus 14; Arcana Coelestia (AC) 2694, 8215
Text: Exodus 14:24-25

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