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Songs to Teach Children

by Jennie Gaskill

Type of Event: Music with Lyrics

Date Recorded: December 15, 1955

Location: Bryn Athyn, PA

Groups: Christmas Season, Easter Season, Thanksgiving Season, Music

A delightful recording of twenty-nine songs for teaching children hymns. Songs include those for general use and also holiday hymns. A piano accompanies the vocalists.
Track List:
1-Merry Christmas, Bells are Ringing (All 4 verses)
2-Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voices (2 verses)
3-Come, All Ye Faithful (2 verses)
4-We Three Kings (All 3 verses)
5-Why Do Bells for Christmas Ring (All 2 verses)
6-Children Can You Truly Tell (All 5 verses, duet)
7-O Tell Me Gentle Shepherd (All 5 verses, duet)
8-So Sweet and Clear (2 verses)
9-From the Eastern Mountains (2 verses)
10-Brightest and Best (All 4 verses)
11-Come Now Oh Children (not in Hymn Book)
12-When He Cometh (1st & 3rd verses)
13-Children of Jerusalem (All 2 verses)
14-When the Morn is Bright and Fair (not in Hymn Book)
15-Lead Us, Heavenly Father (not in Hymn Book)
16-Heaven Father, Thou Art Near (All 2 verses)
17-Lord, a Little Child Am I (not in Hymn Book)
18-This is the Way the Snow Comes Down (not in Hymn Book)
19-Little Lamb Who Made Thee (All 2 verses)
20-For Peace and for Plenty (All 2 verses)
21-Come, Sing to the Lord of Harvest (All 2 verses)
22-With Songs and Honors Sounding Loud (All 3 verses)
23-The God of Harvest Praise (All 2 verses)
24-For the Beauty of the Earth (2 verses)
25-All Glory Praise and Honor (All 3 verses)
26-Morn of Joy and Morn of Praise (All 4 verses)
27-Angels Roll the Rock Away (not in new Hymn Book)
28-Lo! The Clouds Have Burst Asunder (All 2 verses)
29-Joy to the World (All 3 verses)

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