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Organ Service Music, Volume 1

by Service Music,

Type of Event: Music: Hymns (with vocals)

Date Recorded: April 01, 1992

Location: Bryn Athyn, PA

Groups: Music

This CD contains two standard orders of service to be used for small group or family worship services.
1st Service Tracks:
1-Prelude 6:42
2-Hymn 452, Word of God Incarnate 2:13
3-Third General Office 2:28
4-Hymn 446, Lord Thy Word abideth 2:22
5-Interlude 3:11
6-Anthem 579, How good are thy tents, O Jacob 1:00
7-Hymn 460, Triumphant Zion, lift thy head 2:05
8-Hymn 498, Teach us, O God, to hearken to Thy Word 2:39
9-Postlude 3:01
2nd Service Tracks
10-Prelude 5:33
11-Hymn 449, Come Thou Almighty King 1:11
12-Fourth General Office 2:19
13-Hymn 494, Lord, look down from heaven on us, thy children 1:29
14-Interlude 3:06
15-Anthem 602, Blessed the man who confideth in the Lord 1:43
16-Hymn 435, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty 2:49
17-Hymn 442, Hark! the song of jubliee 2:44
18-Postlude 2:44

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